Welcome to ntp.raggedstaff.net

ntp.raggedstaff.net is (usually) a stratum 2 NTP time server situated at the Rapidswitch Hosting Centre in Maidenhead, England.

You can have a look at our graphs of server statistics

ntp.raggedstaff.net is part of pool.ntp.org, a project to provide a general NTP server resource using round-robin DNS for load balancing.

If you're looking for an NTP server to synchronise one or two clients to then your best bet is probably your ISP, whose NTP server will be closer to you. If your ISP don't provide an NTP server then you can use pool.ntp.org. To ensure you get pool servers closer too you you can use xx.pool.ntp.org, where xx is the country code for your location. For example, if you're in the United Kingdom use uk.pool.ntp.org.

Please do not point standalone clients straight at ntp.raggedstaff.net.If you run an NTP server providing time services to more than 10 clients and your network path is reasonably close (preferably you are in the UK) you may use ntp.raggedstaff.net as one of your synchronisation sources if you wish.